The benefits of isolation


I know the times we live now can be scary, sad and uncertain, you might be thinking about the similar tragedies that happened before, the suffering of people around the world, the economy and so on. We are all wondering what will happen to us, to the world we used to know. But what if we take our mind off those things for a second and think about the positive aspects of this crisis?

This is a time of change and growth that humanity really needed. We tend to post-pone things or say: “it’s not that important, it’s not that urgent”. Until it is. And then we change very fast because we have to, in order to survive. How many of us live very busy lives and we never have time to sit quietly and breathe, analyze, think about the good and the bad in our lives, think about what is working and what is not working? How often do we have time for self-reflection and thinking about the bigger picture, about the important things in life? Usually, when a tragedy happens or when we have too much time on our hands. This time, we have both.

We have a great opportunity now to grow, learn, develop, to change habits and perspectives, to reflect on our lives, our jobs, the world in general. We actually have the time to slow down and embrace change, figure out what is working out and what needs to be different, we are more aware, more connected, more present. It is like a period of ruin and destruction of non-productive patterns before rising stronger, bigger, better. We can use this time to get more in touch with ourselves, to figure out what we need and what we want to do in this life. Sometimes, we need a little “wake-up call” to realize something is not going in the right direction. This time, all of humanity got a “wake-up call”.

We are experiencing hard times, but we are in this together. Although we are isolated, we are more connected than ever, we are supporting each other, supporting all systems working in the front lines, we are there for the doctors, for the people. We are all united by the same goal and going in the same direction, which makes us stronger than ever. It is a time when people forget about the race, religion, sex differences, about the way someone is dressed or what kind of car they drive. We put all the superficial things aside and remember we are ALL humans, we are all going through this together and we will al get out of it together. After this tough period, we will all get out and smile to each other, we will hug each other more often, we will love more, be more honest, appreciate life more, be more present, more aware. We will know what is not working (in all systems, in our life, in the world in general), and we will know what we need to change. Technology will be completely transformed to support us. Nature is healing.

Before we think about the difficult times, about the suffering and the hardships we’re going through, let’s also think for a second about the moment we will be out again and the moments we will spend with our loved ones, how we will appreciate them and fully enjoy every moment of our life. The darkest moment of the night is always the one right before the dawn.

Written by: Chirvase Maria